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SOW Social Entrepreneurship in Sports and Arts "SSEISAA" Workshop is intended to provide tools that will broaden the boy child's entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, as well as challenge his ordinary ways of thinking about the world of business.


The campaign under the themes "911 Shoes" and "Reading Through Football" aims to collaborate with like-minded individuals and/or organisations for the purpose of combating social ills on a broader scale.



The main day of the campaign is hosted on the 21st April annually.


The campaign has 2 noteworthy elements to it;

1st: to collect +911 pairs of school and/or sports shoes for underprivileged children that are based in the rural areas, where most help needed to alleviate poverty is scarce.

2nd: to strengthen, promote and celebrate the culture of reading and storytelling where footballers read to +911 children.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant

Robert Lewis Stevenson

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