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Shoes Of Wisdom "SOW" aims to educate, develop and mentor a boy-child through mediums of sports and arts.

We groom the boy-child to be a game changer and force for good in his community while relating with and complementing the independent girl-child.

Why Sports & Arts

Play and creativity are important parts of our culture and fundamental parts of child development. They are innovative and fun ways of learning and storytelling that establish strong social bonds and facilitate the transfer of critical skills and knowledge. Research continues to prove that play affords children in-depth learning. Sports is Art.



Our Core Values which are also known as the SOW legacy disciplines are:
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The Legacy Of Consciousness

Knowing, understanding and celebrating your uniqueness. Being aware of your surroundings.

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The Legacy Of Self-Development

Bettering yourself is an investment to the children, improves the organisation and grows the economy.

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The Legacy Of Humanity & Integrity

The quality of being humane rubs off on others. Having a moral compass that does not waver.

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The Legacy Of Discipline & Respect

Having self control and due regard for someone's feelings, wishes and rights.

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The Legacy Of Sports, Arts & Wellness

Being in touch with your mind, body and soul. Maintain a positive attitude.

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The Legacy Of Giving

Being a gracious and courteous giver.

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The Legacy Of Knowledge & Wisdom

Being able to accumulate facts and information. Having the ability to make correct judgement and decisions.



The campaign under the themes "911 Shoes" and "Reading through Football" aims to collaborate with like-minded individuals and/or organisations for the purpose of combating social ills on a broader scale...

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SOW Social Entrepreneurship in Sports and Arts "SSEISAA" Workshop is intended to share knowledge with the boy child that will broaden his horizon...

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A seed today is a forest tomorrow.


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